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The KLCIS law enforcement program helps cities save money, improve outcomes and literally saves lives. Participation in the KLCIS pool includes a number of loss control benefits at no additional cost to members.

For more information on the Loss Control Law Enforcement program can benefit your city, contact Brian Nunn or Troy Pitcock.

The Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services (KLCIS) offers the Ti Response to Resistance Training System to insurance members. The system is the nation's most advanced virtual training tool providing officers multiple real life scenarios to sharpen their situational response skills. The units are portable and are scheduled through our Law Enforcement Consultant.

One of the most valuable benefits we offer members through the KLCIS Loss Control and Risk Management Service is the expertise of our Law Enforcement Consultants. These professionals are highly trained, experienced officers working as consultants with KLCIS members throughout Kentucky.

The response to resistance training program is one of many tools our Law Enforcement team provides KLCIS members. Model Policies are also provided to our member agencies and provide a foundation for standard operating procedures that are backed by PATC (The Public Agency Training Council) the countries largest law enforcement training entity.

Through the history of KLCIS we have observed a need for departments to have model policies that address the critical areas of law enforcement. Because of this need we have contracted Jack Ryan and the Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute to provide our departments with key model policies. 

KLCIS Law Enforcement Model Policies 

KLCIS Law Enforcement BLUE Papers safety articles

KLCIS Law Enforcement 2016 Training Calendar

2017 Response to Active Resistance: Ti Simulator Schedule

Additional Law Enforcement Online Training Courses 

PATC/ LLRMI 2016 Roll Call Calendar

PATC/ LLRMI7 2017 Roll Call Calendar

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Claims Awareness - Below are Law Enforcement Workers Compensation and Auto Accident Claims Summaries by Month.

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KLCIS is offering Defensive Driving/Pursuit Decision Making seminars.  These training sessions are being offered across the state to insured members. 

This class is designed to encourage objective and rational thinking coupled with proper decision-making in regard to determining whether to engage in a pursuit or emergency driving situation.

Click here for your copy of the defensive driving manual.

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