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KLCIS Now Offers a Tenant User Liability Policy (TULIP) and Specialty Coverages

The Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Agency (KLCIA) has an A rated program now in place to bring cities and municipalities a Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP), along with several other products to meet the unique needs of cities and municipal agencies. These coverages will be available to all cities and municipal agencies.

A TULIP policy offers three types of coverage; tenant/user, instructor/recreation class and nominee event.

The tenant/user program is an event that is held or sponsored by companies, organizations or individuals that have been permitted to use a public entity’s meeting rooms or other facilities. Certificates are issued with the user of the facility as the named insured, and the public entity as the additional insured.

The instructor/recreation class program is an event that is instructional to its participants. Instructors are not employees of the public entity, but provide instructional services for a fee. Participant coverage does require a signed waiver.

The nominee event program is an even held or sponsored by the public entity, or by any department or division. Coverage can be expanded to cover co-sponsors if necessary. All events must be approved and rated by the insurance carrier and the certificates are issued by Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., with the public entity as the named insured and the property owner (if different from the public entity) as the additional insured. This includes events such as any city event, festival or parade.

Other services being provided by KLCIA include:

Sports Accident Insurance for participants in amateur sports such as baseball, football, softball, soccer, swimming, boxing, volley and many more.   Players, coaches, volunteers, managers, umpires and officers are covered.

Specified Hazards Insurance for auxiliary police, firefighters and reserve units, camps and conferences, clubs, recreation program, child care, special events and more.

Specialty Liability for sports, leisure and entertainment activities and events including day camps, events, fitness and sports instructors, clubs, programs and many more.

If you have any questions regarding the TULIP program, specialized coverages or if you need coverage, please contact Tammy Crawford at 800-876-4552.









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